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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

princeton, nj

Larry is working in Princeton for the summer, so Nina and I came along.  We usually stay in an apartment for these longer stays, typically Residence Inn if there is one available.  But we have stayed at the Residence Inn in Princeton, and it's on a busy highway with nothing around to walk to.  So we asked for a house this time.  And boy, did we get one!  It's a Craftsman style, three story house right in the middle of Princeton.  The top floor is the master bedroom/office, second floor has three bedrooms and two baths, and the first floor has kitchen, bathroom, informal eating area, living room, formal dining room, front parlor, and entryway.  The basement is finished and has workout equipment, couches, another bathroom, and tons of storage (also an air hockey table).  It has the pillared, expansive porch that this architectural style is famous for...if only it wasn't sooo hot here!  It has been in the 90s and humid both days I've been here so far.

In short, we have a lovely house, come visit us!  


nch said...

sounds beautiful, enjoy your time there!

paigely said...

:this post is worthless without pics:

but seriously, that sounds amazing!! hope the weather gets better so you can enjoy it more!

Ciria said...

Pictures please!