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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

laugh or cry?

On the one hand, it's so comical that I want to laugh. On the other hand,it's so sad I want to cry.

Seriously, we're not talking about evolution here. Where does she think Jesus came from if there was no existence before christians? Where does she think the old testament came from?

Ok, so on further examination it actually makes me angry. The whole "Is the world flat?" thing was a little funny, but now I'm disgusted.


Amber said...

OH MY GOD. Seriously! God, if you're listening, strike that woman down! She's breeding! We're all doomed.

Not only am I crying with you, I'm shuddering from the horror.

chanale said...

My jaw dropped. How stupid can someone get?

Elaine said...

She's seriously got to be one of the dimmest people on the planet. Why do they let her speak ON TV?

Of course, a whole lot of us wouldn't be bothering to even mention The View if not for her blathering idiotness.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Wow, that is stunning! What were they talking about that predates Christianity? Do you know? Something Greek?

lao80 said...

I feel a little stupid but I thought that they were called Christians because they believed in Jesus Christ. Couldn't you only do that AFTER he was around?

I'm not going to even touch the part about Christians being before the greeks and all of that.