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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nina's first basketball game

Nina and I went to see the Mesa College woman's basketball team play tonight. It's a small gym and we started in the front row, really close to the basket that Mesa was shooting at. Unfortunately, the whistles were just too loud for Nina and we had to move back. Still, after Nina got used to how loud the game was, she seemed to enjoy it. We only stayed for the first half so we could eat dinner and get her to bed somewhat close to bed time. The score was something like 12-35 when we left so we didn't get to see very many baskets up close.

I am not a huge basketball fan but I usually enjoy games. My general opinion of woman's basketball is that the refs don't call fouls strictly enough and so the game has a lot of just scrambling around after loose balls. There was definitely a lot of that but much of it seemed to be due to poor play by Mesa. One thing really impressed me; one of the visitors was called for a foul when the Mesa player had clearly committed the foul. She didn't gripe, complain, or anything, just got into position to play defense. The coach calmly explained to the ref that he had the call wrong, there was a brief discussion, and the call was reversed. There was no grousing from the Mesa player or coach.

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