What is wilson silverleaf? We're organitarians; it's best for our bodies and the planet. We cloth diapered Nina for the same reason. We drive a hybrid car & wish we could afford solar panels on our house. I'm a strong advocate for homebirth, full-time mom, & also a movie junkie. We don't have a tv though; we watch dvds on our computer. We love contradancing. I garden & knit; Larry's a puzzle lover & plays fantasy football.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Larry made it to Australia

It was definitely a long flight, but I had a row of three impossibly uncomfortable seats to myself and I even managed to sleep a little. I traveled with three colleagues from work and we're spending the day walking around Sydney. We made it to see the Opera House and we're planning to walk across the Harbor Bridge next. We walked past the hotel where Lorien and I will stay later next weekend and it is in a pretty darn good hotel; I'm sure we'll post about that then.

We were very lucky to be able to check in when we got to the hotel this morning; I've rarely been so happy to take a shower. Work is putting us up at the Grace Hotel; if you click on Rooms, I'm staying in the Deluxe Room. It's almost too bad the weather is beautiful and we want to spend the day walking around a brand new city.

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