What is wilson silverleaf? We're organitarians; it's best for our bodies and the planet. We cloth diapered Nina for the same reason. We drive a hybrid car & wish we could afford solar panels on our house. I'm a strong advocate for homebirth, full-time mom, & also a movie junkie. We don't have a tv though; we watch dvds on our computer. We love contradancing. I garden & knit; Larry's a puzzle lover & plays fantasy football.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I have bumper stickers on my car. I don't feel like any of them are offensive, just letting people know what I think. One of them is a John Kerry sticker from the last election; apparently this one guy on the freeway has a problem with that. I was driving along, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something waving in the window of the car next to me. Apparently this guy is so bothered by John Kerry bumper stickers that he had a special paper printed up that says "Kerry Lost--get over it" and now he has to wave it at people--on the freeway. Doesn't he have better things to do? Like drive? Does he think that will make me go home, scrape the sticker off of my car, and change my political affiliation? Because of some snotty, balding pony-tailed guy driving a midlife crisis car? Crap, I meant this to be the kinder, gentler post about my being on the "right" side because instead of giving him the bird (my first inclination), I just laughed. Beause the whole f-you response would have been sinking to his level.

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