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Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am seriously homesick. Probably not as much as I might be if I hadn't spent so many years in the New England that is so very much like this old one. The terrain, climate, and vegetation are so similar, there is so much of it that feel like home. But it's not and there are so many thing I miss. Some of them (in no particular order) are: my car, my kitchen, my fully stocked pantry, my friends (actually I think that's the biggie, I would be much less homesick if I had more friends here), kombucha, fermented food, tilapia, the beach, my dogs, my garden, my bed, not having to wear layers, flip flops, talking with my sister on the phone, my mom, the list could go on...

But it is really nice here, the people are welcoming, and I have made some friends here who are really lovely.

this is a 3 minute walk from our apartment, the ancient buildings here are a constant marvel to me; I drink them in every time I leave the apartment

in fact, in the pic above, our building is just to the right of the bridge, it's the orange one (incidentally, to the left of it , above the bridge, is the hotel we stayed in when we were here in September)

spring is really here; the daffodils are a yellow riot but are starting to give way to flowering trees and shrubs
one of the things I am always amazed at in Europe is the abundance of the old, just smack dab in the middle of everything; we were on the bus the other day and passed some Roman aqueducts, totally humdrum and everyday type of stuff to the people living here but amazing to me

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Larry said...

I'm sorry that you're homesick and I am too, but I just love being here. We're a five minute walk from my office, so I can come home for lunch. I'm getting to spend so much more time with you and Nina and it's a wonderful thing.

Christian said...

We miss you here, Lorien. I totally hear you on the Kombucha, since you are the one who turned me on to it, and now I am an addict!
Have fun, but come home soon!

doow said...

It's a great thing seeing my own country through a different pair of eyes.

enviromama said...

We miss you too Lorien. Solana asked me today if we could got to Nina's house and I had to tell her it would be a while. :(