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Saturday, July 21, 2007

yet another reason to avoid prison


ZebraBelly: said...

OK, you win an award for making me do the weirdest google ever and coming up with something even stranger. yet catchy. I might think of commiting a crime after all.


Elaine said...

I donno. If I had to go, this would be my kind of place. SHOW TUNES!

Karen C. said...

Oh man! Ya beat me to it! I just saw that recently and was planning to put it on MY blog!

Personally, I think its awesome! And at the beginning it says its just a rehearsal! Makes you wonder where the performance video is!

Karen C. said...

Oh man! I saw that recently and had planned to put it on MY blog! You beat me to it!

I think its awesome! What gets me wondering is that at the beginning it says its just a rehearsal. There must be some great performance video out there somewhere!

nitsuJ said...

The irony is that MJ himself was about half an inch away from being right there among those prisoners.

He wouldn't have gone for that woman, though. They would have had to send a little white boy in.

lao80 said...

I don't think that's a woman.

That is really funny.