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Saturday, January 10, 2009

boots continued

So, I went shopping today with a friend who had a mandate from her husband to buy some cute new clothes--the rules were that the clothes had to be more than 20$ and preferably not on sale. We found a fab sweater that is comfy enough for home but cute enough to dress up and wear out (Anthropologie). Ditto for jeans (Banana Republic) and a shirt. And a super cute pair of shoes (in red).

I was, of course, on the lookout for boots. I was surprised that I really didn't find anything to buy today. I tried on these and they were comfy but the folded down top doesn't roll up to easily fit under pants, and they were a little too ugg-ly. And I found the Borns from the previous post on sale for 70$...one size too big and in pink. They had these at REI but only in large size. And I found these...but only in a size 9. I really like them though, so I am going to try and find them locally. If I can't I will order them online. The toe is a little pointier than I'm looking for but otherwise they are perfect--classic and a little updated and warm, perfect for skirts.


I forgot about these. I tried them on in a 5 today and they fit but barely and they were hard to get on.

Here's what I'm thinking: I will get the Born Gabi (from the previous post) in chocolate and work on getting the Ugg Swell in Brunswick on ebay for a reasonable price.


Christian said...

I love them all - you have good taste in boots.
P.S. You must be the fastest reader on the planet - your little "shelfari" thing or whatever it's called always has something new and interesting.

lola coca-cola said...

Fastest listener. I "read" on my mp3 player. Like right now, I'm cleaning and "reading."