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Friday, January 09, 2009


It has been quiet around here...I haven't been feeling well enough to keep my physical house in order, let alone my cyber house. But I went for acupuncture the other day and my practitioner said I shouldn't let me feet get cold. And they are, much of the year, despite my diligence in wearing shearling slippers at home and wool socks a lot of the time. Soo...I am on the hunt for cute boots that will keep my feet warm.

Here's the Sugar Hopstop Flat Boot--it comes in chocolate brown, which is what I would pick. It's faux suede, not sure how I feel about that--would it be warm enough? But definitely cute enough to wear with skirts.

This one is the Bear Traps Esha Suede. The suede upper is not faux, but the shearling is. It looks comfy, no? Is the faux suede too much, though? I like the two little frog things on the sides. Too fussy for skirts? I don't know.

The Born Shilo...I'm really leaning toward these because of the warmth of an Ugg without all of the Ugg ugly (Sugar ate one of my Uggs, the bad dog). The folded down top rolls up for a few more inches of warmth. I know that Borns are comfy, too, it's a good, solid boot that will probably last me a long time. And of course that means they cost more than the previous two combined. I'm not nuts about the exposed shearling, though.

Here's the Merrell Zurich--I'm not sure about it, but I know Merrells are durable and comfortable. These seem classic but also a little sassy. About the same price as the Borns.

I'm also looking at the Born Atkinson (like that slight western styling) and the Simple Toemale. And if I wasn't looking for something I can wear with skirts I would think about just getting the Born Gabi...doesn't it look super warm?

Any input? Ideas?

And of course it is supposed to be super warm this weekend. Figures.


Jennifer said...

I was just looking at the Simple Toemale! I'm totally biased towards them and their (genuinely and almost completely) eco-friendly/sustainable culture as a company...and I bought a pair of their shoes last week and love them!

lao80 said...

I like the 2nd pair best.

What about these...http://shop.mukluks.com/prodinfo.asp?number=APNUT&title=Apache%20Chestnut%20Moccasins or another pair of cute mukluks.

Hope you feel better soon.

Me said...

I love the second pair; not sure I could pull them off, but they're super cute! I got Uggs for Christmas from my IL's and while I've always said they're ugg-ly, they are really comfy and warm, so I've been wearing them a lot.