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Thursday, May 21, 2009

the bounty of the backyard

I don't love where I live. The neighborhood is fine, but it's not as walkable as I'd like. And it's far away from almost everyone I really like spending time with and everything I like to do. We have talked about moving but one big thing holds me back--I have fallen in love with my back yard. It's nice and big, my flower bed is finally established, and a friend gave me the cutest Japanese maple. Oh, and it gives me fruit every so often.

We also love to eat dinner out there (and I often drink my coffee there). It was lovely to have my mother over for a delicious dinner and then pick blueberries for dinner (we also had cherries from the farmer's market, which you can see in the background).

These were all picked yesterday evening.

So beautiful and delicious.

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Lucky Day said...

I can totally imagine you loving your backyard. It's amazing how we fall in love with a little piece of earth.
I just have little sprouting seeds and a pot of strawberry plants and it makes me so happy.