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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Rule of For(ward)
I am on several very lively message boards, so I get a decent amount of emails every day, many of which I read. But the real gem in the inbox is a message from an individual person, even better when it's someone I like a whole lot and would love to hear from. So that makes it an huge disappointment when it's a forward sent in bulk, especially heinous when it's a chain letter (folks, I don't send them on, so don't bother). It's such a bummer know that I'm there in your address book, but the only time you click on me it's totally impersonal.

So here's the rule: Please don't forward anything unless you've actually spoken to me or sent me a real- or e-mail since the last time you forwarded something. And that way, when I see an email from you I'll know it's either something really worth fowarding or, even better, a little personal love letter. Either way, bound to make me set aside a special little part of my day for sending you warm fuzzies.

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Jen said...

Oh I'm totally with you on this one!!! I hate those chain emails...you won't be getting one from me! I don't forward hem either.