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Friday, September 15, 2006

We took the train to Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales. It is a fairly young city, as Europe goes, only 200 years old. It has a castle which was built on the ruins of a Roman wall in the 1800s by a rich Scot. You can go inside; it is apparently very richly furnished and a very good representation of what the home of a wealthy person looked like in the 19th century. But you can't take a stroller in, and I knew Nina was getting too tired to walk much more.

So I casually mentioned that we might take the double decker sightseeing bus. Nina had been talking all week about the "two story buses" and decided that her life would end if she didn't get to ride this one. So I had to decide whether to spend my last pounds on the castle or the bus. Bus won out. As I mentioned, Cardiff is very young, so it was a real stretch to find an hour's worth of material for a bus tour, but they did a pretty good job and I guess it was worth the 7.50 pounds to give Nina her "two strory bus" experience. She really enjoyed it.
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