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Saturday, September 09, 2006

So...after two fairly uneventful plane rides, we are here in Bristol. We were able to check into our room as soon as we got here, which was nice. We also had a nice taxi ride, which included a built-into-the-car seat for Nina. I kept exclaiming about how cool it was!

We walked a few miles to a store that sells environmentally-friendly disposable diapers (and lots of other cool stuff which I could empty our bank account on), which exhausted us sufficiently that we are now in our room counting the minutes until we can have dinner and go to SLEEP!

Maclaren is THE stroller here.
Lots of people still smoke. Who knew?
England is soooo green and super beautiful from the air.
There's lots of really old stuff here.
People are really nice and helpful.
I know it's English, but sometimes I have to listen very carefully. Maybe after my jetlag isn't quite so acute I will get better at what I'm calling bringlish.

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Elaine said...

Fabulous! So thrilled you are there and having a good time. And the photos are wonderful, Nina looks as though she's adjusting to hotel life (with Swans!) rather well!