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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

apparently Nigel is quite the party animal

Or maybe he just had the flu. Whatever the cause, apparently when Larry went in to get Nina this morning Nigel was throwing up on the toilet in the dollhouse. Larry said it was quite obvious what was going on, though he didn't take pictures (why??? doesn't he know I have blog to feed?).

You be the judge of the cause of his illness; this is what the house looks like now. He's going to have some serious 'splaining to do when his parents get home. As it is Nina said she had to call 911 (well, she said "the 9911").

I don't think the flu story is going to hold, he's passed out NAKED with his arm around some chick . It kinda looks like Raggedy Anne wants to get in on the action too. Sadly she just doesn't fit in the house.


ngiuliano said...

Dolls Gone Wild!!!!

Christian said...

Oh my god, I am just sitting here lauging so hard. Thanks for making my night. I think Nigel is re-living my freshman at college experience.

Jill said...

Turn him over. He probably has a monobrow and "I POOP" written on his face with a Magic Marker by his fellow partiers.

knrush said...

I've got a whole new picture of what goes on at your house. I LOVE the close-up! Just gotta love that girl of yours! I hope Nigel is feeling better tomorrow.