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Thursday, July 10, 2008

three films

I used to go to the movies all the time, I love me some movies. But not so much any more. For one thing, I used to go with Larry and he isn't so into going to the movies these days. And it's expensive now. Anyway, I thought I'd tell you about three movies I've seen recently, all of which I enjoyed.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
It got not so great reviews, but honestly, if it's Indy, I'm probably going to see it. I wasn't expecting much (it's Indiana Jones, not Jim Jarmusch, after all). And because I wasn't expecting much, I got more than I had hoped.* Except for the ridiculous, kitschy (obviously George Lucas inserted) cgi or animatronic prairie dog in the opening sequence. Why, George, why? I wasn't sure the introduction of a "son of Indy" would work but it did, Shia LaBeouf was good and it was fun to see the reprise of Karen Allen as Marion. And of course Cate Blanchett is so amazing she probably didn't even need makeup (she's probably a metamorphmagus or something). Indy did seem old and tired in the movie, I am hoping he isn't retiring the hat and whip to Mutt but it kinda seems like they might be setting it up. Nothing lasts forever.

Sex and the City
Well, what can I say? I can quote episodes and give competent synopses thereof. I organized a group of ladies to go together; we had cocktails and some nibbles at someone's house first and then headed over. It was Sex and the City, ergo fabulous. The clothes were over the top (so much so that there were places in the movie that were not appropriate to laugh and I did anyway, at the clothes, not the plot). In my opinion there wasn't enough Stanford Blatch, but you can't have it all, can you? And I thought Big (can't bring myself to call him by his name) should have bought the apartment for her, it would have solved a lot of problems. But overall, LOVED IT.

Larrry and I had our 6th wedding anniversary a week and a half ago but were so broke we decided to just do the "movie" part of "dinner and a movie." We chose Wanted mostly because it was starting when we got to the theater. We both tend to like good action flicks, particularly if there is a supernatural aspect. This one was pretty good, though it seemed clear that it was a setup for a franchise, and it was super violent. It was fun, though, and very funny. I kept feeling uncomfortable every time La Jolie was on screen, though, because she was so super rail thin. And I have heard that the camera puts on a few pounds. I had been reading in the gossip blogs that she was too thin before she got pregnant but weird camera angles and photoshop can make things look other than they are. I felt bad for her in this movie, honestly, instead of envious. She looked that thin to me. I just kept thinking she would look back at this movie and feel so sad about how unhealthy she looked. I can only hope for the sake of her children.

Next up? Hancock, I hope!

*Including the extra thrill of having the movie completely stop about 10 minutes from the end, pretty much at the most suspenseful bit of the movie. Everyone sat stunned for a good 3 minutes, then some people left, and someone must have told the employees because it started again in the same spot about 10 minutes later.

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