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Sunday, June 24, 2007

the choices we are allowed to make

Pundit Mom has a great entry today about choices as legislated by the supreme court.

Read it here.

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ellie said...

Hrm . . . I read that piece and it seems a little confused to me. The supreme court is only in place to interpret the constitution. It is not their job to legislate from the bench or to be concerned with the ethics of our laws. They just interpret our primary law of the land. If we want a right to late term abortion, it needs to be fought at a different level IMO - either as a constitutional ammendment or state by state. I'll have to research the gender discrimination issue further before I can comment on it. What DOES freak me out about our current supreme court is the Kelo decision stating that the government can sieze your property for any reason and sell it to developers.