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Saturday, June 30, 2007

some pics from my mom's camera--avebury

I am going to make a start of blogging about the rest of our stay in England--and our trip to London and Paris. The whole thing that has been holding me up is that the pics are all on Larry's computer and I blog from mine. So today I put them all on cds and copied them onto my computer. Also I usually use picasa to upload and write from and it has been weird lately about not posting pics. We'll see what happens.

These are a few pics from my mom's camera; I am very hopeful that she will post some herself but I decided to pirate these to use in the meantime.

There are lots of chalk horses in the English countryside. We didn't know this one was there until we happened to see it out the window on our way to Avebury. It's very cool!

If you look closely ni this one you can see that there are people walking around on it, probably doing maintenance work.
In the Victorian times they allowed this guy's um...bits to grow over with grass so as not to offend their sensibilities. He is now restored to his former glory, as you can see.

And here's a family portrait in Avebury. As you can see, the stones are huge and not as shaped as the ones at Stonhenge.

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Eliza said...

Hey Lorien,
Cool pictures. How are the chalk horses made?
I was listening to "Beauty of the Rain" and thinking of you today. Thanks for impacting my life. I like who I am and feel like you had a big influence at a critical time.