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Friday, June 15, 2007

promise fulfilled

Way back in February Soccermom Jane challenged us to do more for the environment and I promised to start hanging my clothes out to dry. After all, it is sunny almost all the time here and there is no good reason I can't take advantage of that to conserve a little gas. I really hate the feel of line-dried clothes so I will fluff them up for 15 minutes when they're done outside, but that's better than the hour they take to dry with no assistance from the sun.

The drying rack I really wanted was this one from Gaiam, but at 89$ plus shipping, it seemed a little steep for right now. So I went to IKEA and got this one instead. It was under 20$ and is supposed to be ok to leave outside.

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ellie said...

That's a great idea. Our condo complex disallows it though! Maybe I should run for the Board (not right now though).