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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

another step

in the intricate dance that is the love/hate relationship I have with Whole Foods:
They're going paper/reusable bag only on Earth Day this year. Though if they're so paper bag gung ho, why do they ask if you want paper or plastic right now? Why don't they assume you want paper and make you ask for plastic if that's what you want?

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Celena said...

this reminds me of something i witnessed at publix last week. a woman asked for paper so the kid bagging groceries started putting them in plastic. the woman repeated that she wanted paper and the bagger replied that she was going to put them in paper after she put them in plastic. so she said "nevermind, i was trying to save some trash". the look on the baggers face was interesting ... obviously had no comprehension of what this customer meant. i found it sad that a member of the next generation would not understand the paper vs. plastic thing. doesn't surprise me too much here in lake city though ... these people are behind the times, to say the least.