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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the cookie sniffer

I have been MIA, as you may have noticed. I have been having some health problems and seeing a new doctor for them, and he prescribed a 28 day detox. It has been hellish, and at day 22 I don't feel better. The caveat being that I feel worlds better than felt during the second week into it, which isn't saying much, considering that I felt like life really almost wasn't worth living then and now it's tolerable again. I just don't feel better than when I started (and considering what all the supplements and "medical food" cost, I should be feeling GREAT right now).

So what's with the cookie sniffing, you ask? Well, if you didn't notice, starting the detox when I did had me abstaining from eating and drinking almost everything that makes the holiday season so fun. No sugar, honey, wheat, corn (and I have to say I participated in an organic tamale line and didn't even eat any), coffee, chocolate, all dairy products, rye, barley, oranges (which are in season here, abundant from our CSA, and amazing right now), soy, peanut, maple syrup. And in days 7-13, all I could have were fruits, veggies, and oil (I used olive and coconut). Did I mention that I am sensitive to tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers? So they're out too. I ate a lot of brown rice with steamed kale, lemon juice, and avocado. In the first and fourth weeks chicken, turkey, and fish are acceptable, as well as lamb and game meat. So that's not so bad. It's hard to do without soy sauce and tamari, though, when you're eating simple food. It's also hard to live without coffee for me--I never drink much, but that little facilitates a LOT of productivity. I suspect the whole thing would be a lot easier in the warmer months, too, when there is a greater abundance of local, organic fruits and veggies. I'm not complaining, Southern California has a lot more local right now than a lot of places, but it's still not enough to do this type of detox this time of year and not feel utterly deprived.

Ok, ok, on to the cookie sniffing. I went to Wannabe Hippie's Solstice party; there was so much good food there, and sweet treats, it was too sad not to enjoy them a little. So I broke a piece off of a cookie and kept it in my pocket, bringing it out with a flourish to sniff it every now and then. It was surprisingly satisfying to smell but not eat it. I mean, it doesn't compare to actually eating the cookie, but it sufficed. I'm pretty sure there were people there who thought I was a complete freakshow, but I can't muster up enough energy to care. Maybe if I had some coffee...

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LisaBella said...

Omigawd I didn't know you were detoxing! I would have dragged you here to fix your brain during it! Diet detoxing is just as hard on you as kicking a drug habit. COME OVER!