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Thursday, January 24, 2008

going organic...one step at a time

I would love to wear all organic cotton clothing, but it would be very expensive and mostly not fashionable or flattering. As a compromise, last year one of my resolutions was to buy only organic cotton underwear and socks for us--we would keep wearing the ones we had, but anything that needed to be replaced would be organic cotton. I succeeded so I will keep with the resolution this year also.

Of course, Nina is the one who most often needs new stuff because she is growing. But so often buying organic means settling for less pretty stuff, or only a few colors. What I have found is that in the last year there has been a better and better selection, starting with these pretty toddler socks from Maggie's Organics. They come in three packs--primary colors and also mint, pink, and purple. They also have a "natural" colored two pack. Beware of the athletic sock, though, it's tiny and doesn't fit many, even in the toddler size.

For underwear, I bought Nina a few sets of Ecoland; they're so cute and not at all "granny" panties; it's so cute to see Nina in her "hipsters." They come in 2-packs which are a bit pricey at 17$ (I got them at Whole Foods) but since their sizing is only even numbered years (2T, 4T), I am thinking they will fit for a good while. Nina has had her 2T for a year already and they still fit fine and show no signs of wear or fraying; we even have a couple of the 4T and though they are a bit baggy, they fit too. They are a bit plain, with the only options being "white" and "natural" but the natural ones are just fine for now.

Last month Hanna Andersson was having a huge sale on underwear so I bought 9 pairs at 10$ for a 3-pack, I got the medium, so it will be a while before she can fit into them, but I am betting she will be really stoked about the cute patterns and colors!

For the adults, I have been getting Larry Spun Bamboo boxers, they are very soft and durable. I bought them on ebay. My favorite organic cotton t-shirts are from Ecolution.

I have tried a lot of different organic cotton underwear and my favorite are Hanes organic, they fit well and are very soft. Of course now that I am writing about them, I can't find them online, they're probably discontinued. Grrr.

Update: I was just at Target; they still have the lovely organic cotton panties and tanks, for some reason they're just not showing up for me at target.com.

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Luci said...

Wow, those were great links you included in that post. I'm bookmarking them for later when our stuff needs replacing.
Um, and now I (and the rest of the blog-reading population)know what kind of underwear Larry wears. ;)

chanale said...

I liked those colorful Maggie's socks when you first got them but was disappointed to find they only fit through size 6 roughly, and I have a size 10 kid. So far, the only organic clothing items we have are all E's pajamas and underwear (from Hanna) and my socks (Maggie's).

lola coca-cola said...

Bummer, chanale, about the toddler size, maybe E is ready for the youth size? I'm not sure they come in the delicious colors, though.