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Thursday, January 10, 2008

update on the school sitch

Everything went well today, I went in with Nina, made sure she knew her teacher's name, then showed her the bathroom, where the potty seat is, etc. She immediately got involved in cooking in the play kitchen, and made it clear that I should leave her alone. When I picked her up, the teacher told me she had used the bathroom without a problem, and that she hadn't heard anything about a hitting incident, so I think it will be fine. The truth is, that hitting story grew with each telling, finally ending with all the kids hitting and kicking her (I was picturing one of those movie scenes where some poor kid is getting the tar kicked out of him by a circle of kids, only in my mind's eye the kids were toddlers, pretty unlikely).

Anyway, she said she had fun today and later on when we took a walk to pick up our CSA share, we ran into one of her teachers outside the grocery store, which Nina got super excited about.

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