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Saturday, March 01, 2008

well, she is a california girl...

We're going to a birthday party today and Nina helped me wrap the present (I wrapped and she placed the tape and drew on the paper). I didn't think much about or study the drawing too closely until Nina told me what it is. Can you guess?

It's a person on a skateboard! I have been thinking she's almost ready for her first board. Do they make tiny ones for the under 5 set?

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enviromama said...

They're hard to find, but yes. Jonas got his 1st one for Christmas. I got it at Play it Again Sports in Encinitas (but it's new) for $20. Recently we found one at the thrift store and bought it too ($4.95!). LMK if you want me to pick one up for you sometime as PIAS is right next to our chiro and we're there a couple times a month.

Elaine said...

I remember in High School a classmate of mine had a three year old brother with a professional skating contract. So yeah, it can be done!

Love that drawing!