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Sunday, August 19, 2007

has it really come to this?

I have dirty blonde hair, so I'm not sure I would notice if I was going gray, but I had an eyelash that was bothering me all day, sticking in my eye. I finally plucked it out with a tweezer, and it was gray. An eyelash. Gray. Growing all weird, interfering with the normal operation of my eyelid. WTF????? Did I mention that I will be 35 soon?


Elaine said...

Dude. I've been yanking gray eyelashes and eyebrow hair for YEARS. And I've got a couple years to go until 35.

Anonymous said...

You're so OLD!!! I've got MONTHS to go before I hit 35...

Love from Emma

ps I just ignore my grey except when I see my siblings, and then we compete to see who has degenerated furthest.