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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

trip to ensenada

Someone at Larry's work organized a trip on July 14 to Ensenada, which is in Baja; the bus left at 7:30 am, it was a bit brutal. We stopped in Rosarita for a half an hour on the beach, we should have told them to leave us there, it was so beautiful and the sand was so fine. We found some barnacles to check out and a sand dollar.

Another stop on the way, it was a beautiful scenic lookout.

The rest of the day was anticlimactic, the food at the restaurant we ate at was mediocre, and the cheap crap on the tourist drag was depressingly...cheap. Lots of drunk people, and the water coconut we paid...I'm embarrassed to tell how much...for was soapy tasting. But it was a nice way to be able to go to Mexico with someone else driving and getting us over the border, which was a breeze and fairly quick, and we all slept in the bus on the way home. Nina was a real champ for pretty much the whole trip, long bus ride and all. We're totally keeping her.

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