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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I love cooking with collard greens; I find that I can hide them in food and my family is none the wiser. They don't seem to have a strong taste to me, though I've heard people complain about it.

After I chiffonade the greens I put them in the food processor with the cheese layer for lasagne. I use cottage cheese because I don't care for store bought ricotta, and an egg or two. After a minute or two in the food processor, it turns out nice and smooth.

What a wonderful treat. We have been eating outside most nights, it's a real luxury. Though it's mostly shady in the afternoon, the back yard gets some fading sun(set)light at dinnertime that is fantastic for taking pictures.

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alaskanmama said...

I so need a food processor! That looks great!

Amanda said...

I'm asking for a full size food processor for my bday! I love greens, too. Collards, Mustard, Kale and Chard's my fav. very easy to grow in SD. Great idea for lasagna!