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Sunday, August 12, 2007

not the cheshire cat

We were eating dinner outside the other night when one of the dogs (sugar, the pit bull mix) ran over to the big pine tree and sat expectantly under it for about 10 minutes, whimpering and barking intermittently. Finally we went over to see what it was, and, sure enough, we had an uninvited guest. It's hard to see, but we had a masked guest of the raccoon type. It just sat there, unperturbed, for who knows how long.

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enviromama said...

Right in your own backyard, wow! We had several of those visitors while camping; they went so far as to get on our table and look for food while I was standing 10 feet away.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Heck... we had four of them on our front deck the other week. It was like the Raccoon Mob or something. One of them in particular wasn't shy at all. I got within 5 feet of him (it was a bit too close for my comfort, actually).