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Thursday, August 23, 2007

I don't want to jinx it, but

I have gone 3 days without giving Nina boob.
On that note, here's some timely entertainment:

Also, Nina has been taking her naps in panties for about 2 weeks now!


veganmomma said...

Wow, 3 days, I've only ever gone 1 and last time I asked Athena when she thought she'd be done it sounded like when Rowan is done at age 3 and 2. Whatever that means (maybe 3 years and 2 months?)
Naps in panties, very awesome. I am getting ready to do nights in panties, but am not sure yet. She does have dry nights about 50/50 now though so it may be time. I hate when she wakes me up though in the night, "mommy, i need to go potty" and then I say "then GO!".

veganmomma said...

Ok, and that was funny!