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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

awesome weekend

One day about a year after I graduated from college, my friend came home from class one day (I was still living in the college town) and told me that there was a little jewish girl in her German class, and she was sure we would hit it off famously. Though the basis for that opinion was tenuous at best, it was spot on, we did get along and over the next year or so we became better friends. Right about the time that we met she had started dating a really great guy, and I was delighted a few years later (once we had all moved on to different places) when I was invited to their wedding. Even more so when we arrived and it was very small and intimate. We had a great time and actually got to talk to the ridiculously attractive couple and their friends, some of whom I knew from "back in the day." To top it off, a few days later when we were at the airport flying back to Chicago, we ran into Chris & Abby on the way to their honeymoon. Extra bonus quality time!

When Abby told me that she had a conference in San Francisco and they were thinking of coming here I got super excited. They were coming from New York City; I was touched that they would add us onto their trip.

They got here on Thursday afternoon and left after breakfast on Sunday. It wasn't enough time but it was all fun and relaxing. Just like getting together with old friends should be.

Here's one of Abby taking a pic of Chris taking a pic in La Jolla.

Here Abby and I are laughing. I can be really real with this special lady. And I like to flatter myself that she feels the same. Some friends are for life.


emma said...

You're looking just fantastic Lorien. Sun kissed and healthy. Wonderful.

live said...

i love both of these photos and especially the comment about being "real"...that is truly a blessing and i can see it in your face...nice...denise