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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

our very own melon

I planted my cantaloupe and watermelon in accordance with the planting schedule that I found online. And watched as little tiny melons promised abundance but then fell off with the blossoms. I probably wasn't fertilizing enough, I do tend to forget (I use fish emulsion) and also don't like to use it when I am expecting company, it's pretty stinky. One day I noticed a small (softball sized but football shaped) green melon. How could I have missed it when it was smaller? Never mind, I was so happy to see it. Then I spent the whole of its growing time fretting about how I would know when it was ready. Was it when it got the size of a cantaloupe but was still green? Nope, the next day it had the laciness that is typical of cantaloupe. So now how would I know? I got down on the ground and smelled it. Hmm, no smell, now what?

Yesterday I went out and the bits that had been green with no lace on them were now bright yellow. And when I watered the smell that came floating back up to me on a wave of hot evaporated water told me everything I needed to know. I needn't have fretted or gotten down on the ground. I picked it and when we came home from playgroup the whole house smelled like delicious melon.

We're going to try to hold off on eating it until our friends from out of town come on Thursday. They're coming from NYC and I am expecting them to be suitably impressed.

Nina wanted to make sure I got a picture of her smelling the melon, it truly smells heavenly.

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