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Saturday, April 28, 2007

the ethicurean

I love The Ethicurean. I find out stuff there that scares me and gives me hope.

Today, for instance, there is link to an article about an economist who predicts that local food systems “are going to tear apart the centralized food system we have now.” Awesome. From your lips to the ears of the universe, buddy.

Also a link to a wonderful article about eggs, which talks about all the labels on eggs (hormone free, antibiotic free, omega enriched, etc) and what they mean. Most interesting to me is "vegetarian diet," which I have been wondering about for a while. First of all, chickens are omnivores. Second, if they are getting a solely vegetarian diet, that means they haven't been outside. If they had been outside they would have been eating insects and worms, which, last time I checked, aren't plants. So while it looks good in view of all the horror stories about animal products in animal food, what it actually means is that the chickens never went outside, even if they had "access" to it.

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Joy said...

I can comment!! Lorien, I love the info you share on your blog. I am a huge fan of being informed, so thank you!