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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

thursday, April 19: Amsterdam

I started feeling that I needed to get out in the country, and doing it on a bicycle seemed to be a great way to do this. We decided to do the gooilust loop bicycle path. We took a train to Hilversum and rented bikes. It was incredibly pretty, though 24 miles on a bicycle after not getting on one for years might have been a bit much.

Nina had a great time and was very proud of her seat on the back of the bike. It was fun to be able to talk to her about everything we were seeing.

We stopped for a much fancier (read: more expensive) lunch than we would have chosen (if there had been anything else right on the trail) at De Goede Gooier, but it was wonderful and well worth it; the refueling gave us the energy to carry on.

When we got out of the restaurant and back onto the trail there were some kind of bovines grazing right there. We got a big kick out of it.

Nina fell asleep in the bicycle seat, it was too cute.

We were super tired when we got home, but we decided to go on a search for some of the Dutch pancakes we had heard so much about (well, the guidebook said they were not to be missed). We wandered around aimlessly and never found them, so we were so exhausted that we got some food from Wok to Walk and ate it, along with a pastry, in our room.

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