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Sunday, December 21, 2008

a little holiday cheer

So much holiday merry making going on these days, with many holidays intersecting in one week! Here is a pic of what our friends are getting this year. The out of town people get the cards on the left and the people we see often get the hot fudge sauce and shrubbery ornament. If you want a holiday card let me know, I may not have your address.

I love shrubberies with ornaments all over them and presents underneath. But since I wasn't born into that particular tradition, I decided to have my own similar setup. I put a string of glass ornaments in our window and hung more from that. Since the hanging ones are plain glass I asked Nina to decorate them with permanent markers. I think she did a fantastic job.

And it also provides a wonderful place to display holiday cards.

Here is the holiday still life. You can see the bulging basket of gifts (mostly for Nina, she is making out like a bandit this year). The flowers are a hostess gift for the solstice party we are going to today.


live said...

oh me! i want a holiday card! i'll e-mail you my address shortly if you don't have it (i think it is in the playgroup database)...bummed i missed you and that fudge sauce at the party (in that order of course)...we won't be getting our holiday cards out until january i fear...cool photos...

enviromama said...

Can you post your recipe? Sounds yummy! I keep meaning to ask you for that hot chocolate recipe too. Maybe you should start a food blog~ you make the most delicious food.

I love the glass ornaments too, good idea with the markers!

LisaBella said...

Your family is on our tree and thank you for the choc sauce! Yum :)

emma said...

Damn, I really want that fudge sauce. You think it'd survive the journey? :-b