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Saturday, December 06, 2008

tea party!

One of my friends started a tea club, where we try different kinds of teas, talk about them, and hang out. It's super fun and a fantastic idea. So we thought it would be nice to include the kids for a holiday tea party, It was super cute and fun to watch the little girls (and Henry) drink their tea and play in Sabrina's awesome back yard.

Here's one of the ends of the table--doesn't the cute slay you a little?

Speaking of cute, Anya is always good for a dose of it.

Simply gorgeous Lily.

Three little ladies having tea--Nina's dress was a birthday gift from her great grandpa Hy and is gorgeous on her.

Here't the whole table; Alex and Sabrina did an amazing job with it.

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cintaridlis said...

parties are great for kids... it helps them to build their self-esteem.. and i like the idea of cloth-diapering. My two boys are cloth-diapered til aged 6mths & 12 mths respectively... in singapore the utilities bills are so expensive that its not really a difference if u used disposable... love reading ur blogs! keep it up!