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Thursday, December 25, 2008

who knew?

The other day, Nina said "The day after Chanukah is Eid." To which I replied "HUH?" "Eid," she said, pointing to the calendar she brought home from school. It took me a minute to figure out that she was pointing to the crescent symbol arbitrarily on the calendar on the last week of school with some other representative symbols (a reindeer, a menorah, the crescent and star, and Buddha). Now, to be completely fair in the telling of this story, Eid ul Fitr was in October this year, but they had obviously been talking about religions and and Nina had recognized the crescent next to the menorah on the calendar. I am glad to hear that they are talking about religions (emphasis on the plural), as I get especially christianed out this time of the year.


le petit prince said...


I love to read your blog, and as a Muslim I can precise that Nina was actually talking about the other Eid (Eid El Adha, with the sacrifice of a lamb as Abraham asked Ismail to sacrifice his own son, and that Allah sent him a lamb to save the kid's life).
you might remember me, Lamia with Tedjini little boy who is currently 3, and we are living in Paris now.
In the USA, I liked the respect and consideration for all the religions and beliefs.

Happy Hanukkah

le petit prince said...

I love reading your blog from time to time.
As a Muslim, I can assess that Nina was actually talking about Awwal Mouharram (on December 29th) which is the first day of the new year 1430.
Before that, there was Eid el Adha on December 8th, with the sacrifice of a sheep (as Abraham has asked Ismail to sacrifice his own son, and that Allah hopefuly sent a sheep to save the kid's life)

Well, it is often unknown.

I appreciate this openness to several if not all religions, beliefs and even thoughts.

Lamia and Tedjini currently living in Paris.