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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tintagel May 9, 2007

I rained on and off on the drive to Tintagel, which is on the coast of Cornwall. Some of the roads are VERY small.

It's often hard to see what's on the sides of the road because they're mostly lined with hedgerows.

Here's the road to the path to Tintagel Castle

and here's our first glimse of the castle

I am a big fan of the Arthurian legend, which begins here at Tintagel. This is supposed to be where Arthur was born; Uther Pendragon was a king and fell in love with the wife of Gorlois, who lived in this castle with his wife Igraine. Uther was so besotted with Igraine that he asked Merlin to enchant him so that he would look like Gorlois and be let into the castle. Thus he was able to sleep with Igraine and conceive Arthur.

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