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Saturday, May 03, 2008

battle of the csa boxes, week 5

This was our third box from Inland Empire, and it was the best quality so far.
We got:
*a bag of baby rainbow chard
*a bag of mustard greens
*3 bunches of baby celery, tough dry, and yellowing
*a bunch of spring onions
*a bunch of small white onions with tops
*4 loquats--I had never had these before, they were okay but I don't love them
*huge hydroponic purple basil
*hydroponic cilantro
*a head of hydroponic lettuce (looks like red romaine)
*a bunch of garlic scapes
*3 haas avocados (not ripe yet, but they look good)
*1 artichoke (yum)
*1 bunch of baby carrots
*2 huge grapefruits
*3 salad cucumbers, one shriveled
*5 small new potatoes
*a bunch of collards (yellowing and tough but were fine chopped up in the food processor and cooked into food)
*a pint of strawberries, delicious

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