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Saturday, May 03, 2008

weekend in northern california

Last Thursday (April 24) Nina and I hopped on a flight up to the bay area to visit my sister; she is set up in a really nice space that is above her employer's 4 car garage/storage area. It's a beautiful, secluded, quiet spot with lots of outside living area as well.

We were at Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley* one day and I decided to buy Nina some face crayons, she was totally into it.

On Saturday Arwyn had some friends over for brunch and it turned into an all day thing, it was a nice lazy day with lots of laughter and good food.

Here's Nina's sasquatch (also known as sassy) face. By the end of the day Nina decided that her tanktop was actually a loin cloth; she put her legs through the arm holes and let the body hang down. It actually looked comfy, I just may try that on the next hot day.

Blurry but sweet snuggle pic (I should get a new camera, don't you think?).

*Don't think for a minute that I kept hoping I was going to see Michael Pollan around town. And also don't think that I might have done something embarrassing like throw my panties at him. I'm not a groupie or anything.

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lao80 said...

Nina looks so much older with her hair pulled back!

lao80 said...

Really it kind of freaked me out. She is so darn cute but with the hair back it's like a saw a glimpse of what a pretty young lady she will be. Usually I just see the cute baby face.

lola coca-cola said...

Lindsey, you're choking me up a bit, and I'm not even PMS'ing so that's quite a feat!