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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

is it me?

Or is it bad form not to put a stamp on wedding RSVP envelopes?


Elaine said...

Conventionally, yes. BUT in this day and age AND if they give you option to RSVP via email or phone AND it's a casual wedding, I'd be totally cool with it.

lola coca-cola said...

Yeah, neither of those conditions apply here, but you're right, if they did, it would be fine.

tracysue said...

I think if I'm asking them to send the RSVP card back to me I should pay for it. Not putting a stamp on it is just asking for a whole lot of people to not RSVP. If you don't want to pay for stamps, then just go the email/phone/website RSVP route. I think that is definitely socially acceptable these days. Maybe they just forgot to put a stamp on yours? After putting 100 stamps on envelopes myself this weekend, I could see how that might happen. :)

lola coca-cola said...

Yeah, maybe it was just one that got missed, it does make your eyes cross, putting a hundred or more stamps on envelopes.