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Saturday, May 24, 2008

gluten free matzoh (sort of) balls

The rainy weather yesterday and today inspired me to make some chicken soup (with lima beans and wild rice, yum). But I knew Nina probably wouldn't eat it unless there was some sort of carbish kind of thing to eat it with, so I decided to try my hand at gluten free matzoh balls. Traditional matzoh balls are made from ground up matzoh crackers, but I decided to use flours instead. They turned out pretty well and Nina ate a lot more soup than she would have without the dumplings (and she never knew there were carrots and zucchini in it because they're pureed with a stick blender).

2 eggs, beaten
1 tbs melted butter
1 cup soup
equal parts amaranth flour and masa harina (I get my organic masa from Gold Mine, it's a mail order place but it's near my house so I pick up instead of getting it shipped. It's seriously the best tasting masa I have ever had.)

Mix together the first 3 ingredients, and then enough of the other two to make a batter that can be rolled between the hands to make ping pong (or slightly larger) sized balls. Drop into lightly boiling soup. Once the balls start to float, cook a few minutes more. Test one to see if it tastes done. Raw corn tastes raw so it should be easy to tell.

These don't taste 100% authentic and they're a little more dense than a lot of people like their matzoh balls, but as far as my family is concerned, they'll do just fine.

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