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Saturday, May 03, 2008

great food vacation roundup

First of all, Guerilla Cafe. Seriously, where else can you get an amazing organic espresso with condensed milk (it comes in a bowl) and a pastured, organic poached egg on a croissant? It's a nice little hangout spot with amazing food that is mostly organic. Love it.

Something I had to try before I try to go wheat free for a few months is Bakesale Betty's fried chicken sandwich in Oakland. It was everything it's cracked up to be, fantastic. They sell out every day. They also had some good looking strawberry shortcake but I decided to pass it by, the sandwich was super filling.

The perennial favorite Sol Food is also not to be missed, Arwyn discovered it when she lived in San Rafael. The menu is simple, with few choices, all fantastic. My hands down favorite is the pollo al horno. And the salad is organic greens with a super tangy and amazingly delicious dressing. I dream about it sometimes.

Last for now is Fairfax Scoop. There's a reason there is always a line. Organic ice cream made on the premises, need I say more?

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