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Monday, May 05, 2008

because she's awesome

While we were at the height of poxed discomfort, Nina was complaining and we had this conversation:
Nina: it itches, it hurts (etc).
Me: I'm so sorry, I want you to feel better.
Nina: eventually I will.

There are three things that stand out for me about this conversation. One is that she used the word "eventually," I mean seriously, the kid's 3 1/2. The second is that she knew that the discomfort was temporary. Sometimes I can't wrap my head around that, and she had it figured out. Last, it was almost like she was comforting me, that's sort of the tone she had in her voice, and also like I was slightly stupid for not realizing.

Yesterday in the car, a newish mustang convertible pulled up next to us.
Nina: is that a hot car, mama?
Me: some people think so
Nina: I do. I think that's a hot car.

Let me remind you again: she's freaking 3.


Elaine said...

she's awesome

enviromama said...

The "eventually" thing reminds me of Solana, although she wouldn't have realized the temporariness of the situation. They can be wise beyond their years for sure.

And convertible Mustangs? That was my dream car for a long time. I decided to be practical when I bought my first car though and got as Civic instead. Sigh.