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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

again with the purse

Remember before when I was searching for the perfect purse and I thought I had found a pretty good one? Well, I ended up using it for a few months and then just...not. So it wasn't the right one for me. But I have been idly browsing purses online and in stores for a while. On Sunday afternoon I went out (alone!) to get something at Bed Bath & Beyond (I had some coupons) and it's right next to a Marshall's, so I went in on the off chance that a great purse was waiting for me. And it was. The best thing? It was almost half the price of the one I bought but didn't end up using.

Trust me, I am the last person in the world who thought I would love a mint green purse, but I do. Though the straps aren't across the body, they are wide enough to be comfortable perched on my shoulder, which is good enough. It has two perfect spots on the outside for easy access to my phone and wallet

It is roomy enough on the inside for the few things I like to carry around, with room to spare for when I need to carry extra (like a knitting project or my water bottle). It may even fit the bag of popcorn I always smuggle into the movies (mine is so much better than theirs, cheaper, and I know it's not from a GMO). Yesterday I carried 3 packages to the post office in it. It has structure, so it's not going to flop around when I put it down, and it zips on top. Love it!


LisaBella said...

It's just as lovely in person as it is in the pictures :)

We are bringing our bathing suits next week so we don't miss out on the beach fun monday!

Jill said...

You manifest good stuff at Marshalls. It's like it waits for you.

StarBerry said...

I was totally like that with diaper bags! I probably went through 10. And the weird thing is, I STILL search for diaper bags online. I don't even use them anymore!