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Sunday, April 13, 2008

weekly garden roundup--April 13

I thought it would be fun to chronicle the progress of our edible yard; descriptions go with the pic below.

Navel orange, I've had it for a few years but it wasn't in a good spot. Now that it's getting fed and watered more, as well as being in a pot, it has produced a ton of flowers. Let's hope some oranges follow!

Blueberry plant, I was told by the lady in the garden department at Home Depot that blueberries won't grow in San Diego.

Take that, grumpy garden lady! Still a way to go until they ripen, but they look pretty promising.

Nothing to eat on a wisteria, but I just transplanted it from a place where it was unhappy, so I'm interested to see how it does in this pot. I have fantasies about it growing up the sides of the gazebo.

Two crook neck squash plants--I haven't had much luck with this plot in front of the house, but I'm going to try again.

Snap peas. I am anticipating that they will set flowers in the next few weeks. But it's ok if they don't, did you know that you can use pea greens in salad? Not the ornamental, sweet pea ones, of course, but edible pea plants are edible. And they taste like peas.

Strawberries. I suspect these went in too late this year, but they're worth a try anyway, right?

Satsuma. I bought it at Whole Foods a year ago and this is the first time it's had flowers on it, I am hopeful that it will produce.

Meyer Lemon, it had lots of lemons on it when we came home from England last spring that I've been harvesting ever since (just picked the last one this week) but hasn't flowered again. It's ok, there is also a volunteer tomato in the pot, and it has flowers on it.

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