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Sunday, April 27, 2008

battle of the csa boxes, week 4

This was our second box from JR Organics, which means we're halfway through this experiment. Nina and I were out of town, so Larry did the pickup and he remembered to write down what was in the box. So here's what he wrote:

*bunch of baby carrots
*pint of strawberries (I haven't tasted them but they look as good as the other ones we got from JR Organics
*5 small heads lettuce
*some herb (it was mint, just for the record, and he wrote "some herb")
*green onions (it might have been young garlic, though)
*bunch of parsley (actually not parsley, but cilantro)
*something I don't recognize (wow, so helpful, it was kohlrabi)
*3 large apples
*5 small oranges (they look like blood oranges, which Nina now describes as a kind she doesn't like, remember when she loved them? more for me, is all that means)

And Larry tried to buy a bunch of flowers but they gave them to him. He promptly put them in water not knowing they were straw flowers. He tried.

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