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Sunday, April 20, 2008

battle of the csa boxes, week 3

This was our second box from Inland Empire, and the quantity of food was certainly a good value. I'm not so sure about the quality, though. Here's what we got:
*3 avocados (really yummy ones)
*small bunch of chard (already wilted)
*bunch of red dandelion greens
*2 bunches of baby carrots (one orange and one white--what's the point of the white ones? they don't taste like anything and they're prone to getting sunburned)
*bunch of radishes
*bunch of baby celery (already dried out and yellow)
*3 oranges (yum)
*3 small heads of leaf lettuce (already slimy)
*bunch of scallions
*bunch of small onions
*bunch of sage (flowering)
*pint of strawberries (tiny, seedy, and already not so great, as opposed to the ones from last week, which were juicy, sweet, and not moldy or overripe)

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