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Monday, September 08, 2008

forget sliced bread...

From now on I'm going to say things are the best thing since portable dvd players (or diva-d as Nina calls them).

We bought one right before our trip to Chicago and were glad we did. A day before this trip I actually remembered to put a name/phone number label (love the labeler) on ours, just in case. You know, just in case we did something like, say, leave it on the plane. Which is exactly what we proceeded to do (but not before it gave us a little over an hour of happily occupied little girl). In the unpacking and exhaustion, we didn't notice it was gone until Sunday. Larry called all the airports that our plane went to that day (so we thought) and nobody had seen our dvd player. We were bummed out about losing it, and even more so our Planet Earth dvd set, A Little Princess/The Secret Garden set, our brand new Letter Factory, and a Netflix movie. We had kind of resigned to them being lost but I told Larry we should keep calling because it couldn't hurt. While we were sighseeing on Monday I got a call from the lovely Stephanie at the airport in Ontario, California, where our dvd player had turned up. I gave her my fedex number and our dvd player was safely with us by Thursday, along with all the dvds. YAY!

One of the reasons I picked this apartment building to live in is that it has a free on-site gym. The other day when Nina and I popped in to check it out at around 3pm, there was nobody there. So after a little thinking I decided it might work to set Nina up with the dvd player in an unused corner while I work out (it's in the sight line of both the recumbent bicycle and stair machines, I'm not sure about the treadmill). Today we tried it and it worked fabulously. I spent 30 minutes on the stair climber while she happily watched a movie. Double YAY!

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enviromama said...

I'm so glad you got it back; yay for honest people! And your post reminded me that Solana used to pronounce it "diva-d" also~ too cute!