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Sunday, September 28, 2008

thursday--174 miles

On thursday morning we got up and drove to Maine. We had lunch at O'Naturals with a friend from high school, walked around Portland for a while, then went to Freeport and walked around before heading to my mom's house.

My mom has rented out her house with the caveat that she has retained her bedroom and we can come stay there any time. And as an added bonus she made her fall visit concide with ours. She had spent the night on an island with a friend but was due back in the early evening when her friend's husband would go get them on his boat. Of course, I invited myself to come with him and get a few minutes on a boat. It was a nice ride.

There they are on the dock, waiting for us.

And Nina and Mima dancing and jumping around, happy to see each other.

Mom's friend Susan had recommended Buck's Naked BBQ for the locally grown hamburgers and the play area for kids. Both were great; the play area had two Kids Crooked Houses. Very charming and Nina had a blast playing with all the kids there. A great reward for a nearly angelic day and a half in the car.

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Christian said...

It looks so beautiful and peaceful. A+ on your blog catch-up - so much to look at and read! You are such an adventurous mama, I love that about you.