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Sunday, September 28, 2008

wednesday--472 miles

On Wednesday morning we set off on our journey. I had requested a small car but Enterprise didn't have a small one that had cruise control, and it seemed to me that cruise is a necessity on a long road trip (well, maybe not a necessity but it makes things a LOT easier). So I upgraded to a Mitsubishi Galant. And it was so huge to me! But fairly comfortable to drive.

Our first stop was New Jersey for lunch with my grandmother, where it turned out that it was good I had gotten a larger car because I picked up some artwork and end tables for my mom. Grandma fed us Jersey Beefsteak tomatoes with avocado, chicken salad, and delicious, fresh corn on the cob.

Then on to Newton, MA to spend the night with my mom's cousin Amy and her husband Eddie. They have a wonderful old three story house and we got to sleep on the third floor. It was wonderful to see them, when I walked into their house it smelled like home to me.

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