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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

we made it!

So, we made it. We actually got to Maryland on Saturday afternoon. By the time we got our luggage, rented a car, ate dinner (Thai takeout), and unpacked, we were all exhausted. Well, if you don't count Nina. She was ready to go and talked in bed for about an hour after we put her down at 9 pm Eastern time.

We had gotten up at 4 am California time, and gotten her up at about 5:30. She was an angel for the flight; I sat next to and entertained her for half of the flight and then we switched places and Larry sat next to her. I actually was able to sleep for a half hour or so, which was nice (and rare, I am not usually able to sleep on planes). She didn't fuss about keeping her seatbelt on for most of the ride (there was a lot of turbulence). We had given her the choice of whether to take her carseat on the plane or not; up until we were in line to board, she wanted to take it and then changed her mind at the last minute. The guy scanning boarding passes didn't seem to mind and just let us gate check it.

I had also been buying presents for the plane trip for a couple of weeks; I had a lot of fun picking out and wrapping them. I bought some crayons, a preschool workbook, a dvd, a drawing pad, a magnetic toy with fairies to dress up and put in different scenes.

So here's a slide show of our very nice apartment

It has more closet space than we can use, which is super cool. It means that we can store the stroller open and not have to collapse it and open it every time we go out. My one complaint is that the desk was in a complete other room than the ethernet connection. That's ok, I just moved the desk and it's fine. I knew the knives would be crappy, and they were, but it's ok, I used the opportunity to buy a santoku knife (I had been coveting one, hee hee). And the one I found just happened to come in a package with a paring knife. Hmm, I had been wanting another paring knife...

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LisaBella said...

Oh la la! Fancy place :) Looks like fun!